Accommodation in our hotel

Bona Serva Hotel is an emerging three star hotel with friendly and smiling staff, near the center of Prague. Excellent location allows quick tram or bus connection into the city center in 10 minutes. Nearby are two beautiful parks to relax of which is a perfect view on the whole city. Both parks are within a five minute walk from the hotel. The hotel offers beautiful views of the park Vítkov and Petřín Hill. The site area is full of restaurants of different cuisine styles, such as Czech, Italian, Chinese, or Turkish cuisine, there is really a lot of choice. The hotel building comes from the good old days of Žižkov, which is a historical part of Prague.

Price includes accommodation and buffet breakfast.

recepce tel: +420 267 204 300
recepce mobil: +420 776 034 889
recepce tel/fax: +420 222 712 676



The rooms have satellite TV, private bathroom and free Wi-Fi connection


The room has satellite TV, en suite facilities and free Wifi connection


The room has satellite TV, private bathroom with bath and free Wi-Fi connection


Apartment nabízí nové 3 dvoulůžkové samostatně uzamykatelné pokoje a 1 jednolůžkový pokoj (s možností případně i pro 2 osoby- větší postel)
Celkem pro 7 , (popř.8 osob)
Pokoje jsou na jedné společné chodbě pod uzamčením.
Součástí Apartmentu je zcela nová kuchyň, 1 x koupelna a 2 x WC.